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Exotic Waterwear logo Exotic Waterwear ... If you Dare!
Designer stinger suits
matching bikinis and sundresses
+61 402 240 208

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Stinger suits exclusively designed with matching bikinis and sundresses - fabulous and functional for surfers, divers, water-skiers, snorkelers, windsurfers, canoeists and sailors... any outdoor water activity!

Frolic in the surf, carve up the waves and explore the ocean depths in an exotically styled, bold patterned stinger suit and matching swim wear!

Look sensational, with a luxurious feel, maximum comfort, versatility, fashion impact, and exceptional UPF50+ sun and stinger protection! Includes a range of modest Muslim Islamic swimwear.

Our Stinger suits are 80% Polyester, 20% Spandex, unlike Lycra suits that do not last as long. Lycra suits stretch and lose elasticity.

Visit our shop at www.exoticwaterwear.com.au